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Your Health and Fitness Program should be as Unique as You are. 



At Sennergy we look at health from a big picture perspective. We understand there is a complex relationship between what nourishes us on and off the plate. We explore the role that factors such as environment, relationships, social life, and stress have on our ability to make healthy choices and effect lasting lifestyle changes.  

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Our individualized workout program includes:

  • One-on-one training utilizing a wide range of equipment and movements tailored to meet your goals. 

  • Learning how to safely use equipment with proper technique.

  • Knowledge of movements and why they are beneficial.

  • Weekly workouts you can do on your own when not training with us.

  • Unlimited contact and support when you need us. You're not in this alone!


Whether you suffer from chronic inflammation or fatigue, you want to lose weight, or create a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, health coaching is for you. 

Your customizable program includes:

  • Meal Plans

  • Customized coaching to meet your goals.

  • Educational handouts/material.

  • Pantry makeover or health food store tour (if requested).

  • Unlimited support and accountability between sessions. 


Start hitting your health goals

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